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 Enjoy the exponential benefits of body-mind connection that sets your life on a trajectory of wellness and grace.

Personal Growth Coaching
  • Find resourcefulness where you least expect it
  • Find the leverage points to transform past pain
  • Face uncertainty with confidence that you can make it through
Growth Workshops
  • Discover where you’ve been holding stress from past events
  • Gain more emotional adaptability and resilience
  • Transform old unseen or unspoken blocks
Transformational Workshops
  • Build transformative energy not connected to fear or anger
  • Gain comfort and acceptance of being in between past and future
  • Learn to resolve old patterns, finally!
Embodied Awakening Workshops
  • Feel connected to the expansive energy around you and within you
  • Connect to deeper and more expanded states of consciousness
  • Experience deep connection and gratitude for self and others
Essential Oil Mentoring
  • Support healthy moods and feelings when under stress
  • Aids for effective focus and creativity
  • Anchor and reinforce positive changes
Empower Your Clients
  • Include the body in the therapeutic process
  • Develop your SRI facilitation skills 
  • Fully engage yours and your clients’ resources
Hire Me!
  • Bring new energy and excitement to your clients or community
  • Develop common language of understanding phases of change
  • Achieve new levels of congruence in community
  • Deepen your understanding of the change process
  • Stimulate new ways of thinking about old problems
  • Learn how others find new ways of growing

How Do I Know If I Need a Wellness Coach?

What is a body-centered approach?
Your body gives you many subtle cues. Signs of what is holding you back, or what is urging you forward. Using those body cues as resources helps you feel more connected, meet your goals and more. If you want to make changes that stick, and build upon one another, you have a lot to gain by gathering the wisdom from your inner resources. Transformation can be easier than you think! LEARN MORE
What is SRI?

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) uses touch, focused attention, gentle movement, and breath to connect deeply to the physical rhythms of ease and tension, peace and power, that we all have within. 12 different exercises, when applied to your wellness goals, accelerate and deepen the process of personal growth and transformation. Your self-discovery – first while guided in learning these tools, and then later through practice – will increase connection to yourself and the rhythms of life. You can experience the power of transformation, and awaken to new expanded possibilities. LEARN MORE

What is the Satir Transformational Systemic Model?

The Satir Transformational Systemic Model (STSM) is the evolving work of Virginia Satir, the grandmother of family therapy. She promoted “Peace within, peace between, peace among.” This model applies to the personal growth process by working systemically and appreciating a person’s resources and resourcefulness. Her work affirms each person’s ability to grow and become more whole.

I serve many institutes around the world that serve various communities and bring her principles into many areas of life. I teach personal and professional growth using the Satir Model in countries around the world.  LEARN MORE

Do you offer one-on-one coaching?

Yes! One-on-one coaching can help you meet your goals on your time frame, and at the frequency that fits you. Sessions are conducted via Zoom. CONTACT ME

What kind of workshops do you teach?

I teach workshops offering bodymind connection, body-centered skills for personal transformation, embodied awakening, and other personal growth topics. These workshops are experiential, and offer practical experience as well as personally applicable insights about the change process and your next steps. Leave the workshop empowered and confident in your new strategies. LEARN MORE

How can Essential Oil Mentoring help me?

Essential oils are quite popular for self-care and wellness. They can be used to anchor life changes, support mood, and uplift energy. Or in various personal practices such as meditation or fitness. I offer mentoring for safe use toward accomplishing your goals. 

After many years of exploring the different products on the market, I’ve settled with confidence on the doTERRA brand because of their purity and potency, ethical practices, and efficacy. I am proudly an affiliate, and a small amount of your purchase goes to me. I’m happy to share more.  Book an Essential Oil Consultation

Can Anastacia help me with my clients?


If you are a helping professional, I can mentor you about integrating the body into the therapeutic process or in the personal growth use of the Satir Model (STSM). 

If you are a facilitator of SRI, I offer mentoring to deepen your experience of delivering SRI to your clients and the use of the SRI model as a tool for supporting sustainable change. LEARN MORE

Can I hire Anastacia to teach a workshop in my area?

Yes! I teach groups from 15-35 people experientially, and larger groups by interactive lecture style. HIRE ME

About Anastacia Lundholm

Personal Growth Trainer & Coach

Anastacia has been teaching body-centered personal growth internationally since 1998 through workshops, classes, one-on-one coaching, and retreats. Her unique approach blends together the power of Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) and the Satir Transformational Systemic Model. No matter where you are coming from, these tools will help you increase self-reliance, deepen your awareness, and facilitate radical transformation in your life.

Anastacia brings a depth of knowledge and compassion that helped me instantly feel safe and contained. It has been amazing to take part in the process where I can so clearly and dramatically feel these old patterns unraveling and releasing their hold.

SRI has allowed me to feel empowered with the tools I need to cope with daily stresses and to move through the levels with awareness, integrating knowledge and body experience.

Nadia Mollaret


Over the past ten years, Anastacia has been a constant resource and place of support for me and my family. I cannot describe in words Anastacia’s heart centered, deep knowledge and her incredible gift of healing

Shannon Salverda

Speech Therapist, Seattle WA USA